About Us

About Protege PR

About UW-Eau Claire PRSSA

PRSSA provides students with

  • opportunities to find jobs, internships, scholarships and awards
  • valuable information through workshops,speakers and business tours
  • real-life experience in event planning, advertising, journalism and public relations

PRSSA is primarily open to Mass Communication (specifically Public Relations) majors, but is open to anyone who would like to join. If you have an interest in learning about PR and being a part of a network of communicators, PRSSA is for you.

UW-Eau Claire’s chapter of PRSSA meets with local PR practitioners to learn how they have gotten where they are today and make valuable connections with the people in the profession. We also go on tours of PR firms and PR departments within organizations and host valuable workshops aimed at improving skills needed in PR.

Being a member of PRSSA provides you with excellent networking and skill building opportunities specific to PR and associated fields.

Visit our chapter’s website to learn more.

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The student-run firm of UW-Eau Claire's chapter of PRSSA


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